Google is Goog but How Cool is Cuil?

When search engine giant Google thinks it's cool to pay attention to Cuil, the new search engine that was launched on Monday (July 28, 2008), SEO pundits are aroused from their slumber.

So what's so cool about Cuil?

Cuil (pronounced as "cool") is claimed to be the "biggest search engine on the Web." Cuil, which is the old Irish word for knowledge, has indexed more than 120 billion pages so far since its launch. That's an impressive search index's figure to start with.

According to Cuil, more than 50 million searches were recorded for first-day traffic volume which is something that the new search engine had not reckoned with initially.

This is what they say on their website:

"...the traffic volume simply outstripped our ability to respond. Some machines failed. Some bugs were found. Some of our redundancies...weren't so redundant. This meant some searches didn't get the best results. Some didn't get any."
It's early days for Cuil. Google has brushed aside a long list of challengers but, this time, it seems that we may have detected a little fidgeting up there in Mountain View. Is the new search engine making Google nervous?

Some pundits are looking at Cuil as the search engine to make Goog run for its money. Others remain sceptical, having seen so many tried and failed. But who knows, which one will be the search engine of choice farther down the road?

While Goog remains the dominant player in web search with its market share hitting 80%, some of us would agree that it's high time the Goog faces some serious competition. But is Goog unassailable?

How it looks like in Cuil's search results

And what is Cuil's philosophy in web search?

The people behind Cuil believe that the Internet is growing bigger and getting more disorganized each day. Search engines have not kept up with the exponential growth of the Internet. So Cuil's goal is to solve two areas of search that are considered problems:
  • How to index the whole Internet and not just part of it

  • How to analyze and sort out its pages so you get relevant results
Cuil needs to come up with a different approach and that is to focus on the page's content and then present a set of results that has both depth and breadth.

According to Cuil, its searches do not rely on superficial popularity metrics like Goog's. Cuil believes that analyzing the Web rather than the users is a more useful approach.

One cool issue that we are getting from Cuil is the privacy of users. Unlike Goog, Cuil does not collect user data. That's what many of us like to hear.  Well, so far so Goog for Cuil.


Ash said...

The new search engine, Cuil has so many flaws. It's no wonder that web users have been tearing it apart the last few days.

You would think that getting photos that match the website would be a critical step in creating a "better" alternative search engine.

This is another case of ruining your reputation by name dropping.

nickelblue said...

There's a lot of hype about Cuil which reminds us of BlogRush. You did mention that Cuil admitted some flaws in the launch which is not surprising. But Cuil, if everything works out well, could be an alternative search engine for those who are concerned about privacy. I notice your article is mainly objective with a little cheekiness planted in. Like your style.

Anonymous said...

I have tried the new search engine. The user interface is bad. They need to have a cognitive psychologist look at the thing.

The obvious reason Google "fidgeted" was because of the apparently false and definitely misleading statement issued by Cuil that suggested that Cuil covers a larger # of webpages. Google had to respod to that to clear up any possible misconceptions. Frankly, it also might be illegal for Cuil to go around making claims like that if it turns out the claims are false, so the whole stunt surrounding the launch appears utterly amature.

aliimran said...

I tried this, but it is still in its infancy. Its Gui is also not good.

FBXU said...

It's bad now but I'm hesitant to dismiss it so quickly. After all, it was developed by some top former Google people. They should never have pimped it the way they did. In the long run, though, the may give Google a run for the money.

Markk said...

> fbxu: I'm in accord with your view. As far as Cuil is concerned, it's like "jumping the gun" before everything is pegged down nicely. Hopefully, Cuil will draw from this experience and come back to show what it really is. Pity, too many people are quick to pull the trigger these days.

Tom said...

I can't find anything with Cuil. There is no way I would use them over Google. They do have a neat design, but that's about it.

Juneau Fishing said...

I also hated the Cuil interface. The magazine style is WAY too busy for a search interface where all you want to do is skim down, not skim across and down.

Also, Google is coming out with new views of it's search... list which is what we have, timeline, map, and info. I think THAT might be a Cuil killer.

Mosquito Hat said...

i dont think cuil will ever get anywhere near as popular as google... 70% of people who use search engines use google and they are all comfortable with it.

cats as pet said...

Looks like an interesting search engine, however, there seems to be no "rhyme or reason" for the order of its results.

Typhoon said...

Don't Ask yaar Cuil is such a bad looking search engine ever..search is god knows from where it is given everthing in cuil is yaack..Cuil will close down their shutters soon.:))


Clairvoyant said...

I have alreary tried the new search engine, but I didn’t like the interface. I’m in accord with mosquito hat view that the most people who use search engine use Google and they got accustomed to it. I don’t think Cuil will exist long.

Cat Pictures said...

I just want to say that it is not so good. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up