On The Internet Trail Of Delusions

Less is more. It applies to most things we do in life, focusing on quality rather than quantity. It applies to the world of blogging as well. It has been proven time and time again that going down this route brings greater, meaningful rewards than going the other way.

But human nature and failings being such, the bigger number tends to gain a greater following than the small number. Overtime, those who are able to see with eyes wide open will change direction and move on to better things. For those still in the herd, it's a continuous journey of self-denial or having delusions of competence. Where do you belong?

It's time for the next post.

There are just too many bloggers around on this planet, and that's just the problem - we all can't be the same in our thinking, outlook and vision. Being a blogger and an observer of the goings-on in the blogosphere, there are things you notice that put a smile on your face or something else that's just not on.

Bloggers suffering from delusory pleasure

The eBook Syndrome

If you have been around the Internet scene long enough, you'll know that ebooks are passe. Think of dinosaurs and you get what I mean. When I first started to surf the Internet several years ago, ebooks were "selling like hot cakes." I bought some when I was a newbie and a noob thinking the secrets they hold will open the door to success as an Internet user.

In retrospect, you realize that information is easily obtainable from the Net if you know where to find it without parting with your silly money. As the blogging world takes on a new dimension, information becomes available everywhere. So less of ebooks is better for you - and your pocket. Only the ones that have quality written all over it should be considered.

But sadly, some bloggers are just not savvy enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you are reading some good blogs with down-to-earth informative content, you don't need to read all those ebooks.

Don't show yourself up when you're still a little "wet behind the ears" with your Internet knowledge. You can be easily spotted. For example, when you are not making big money yet, don't be a silly noob trying to teach others how to make dough. 

Also, there are so-called Internet marketers pushing their half-baked ebooks by socializing themselves among social networking circles. Just be wary and take things with a pinch of salt.

I hate to say this but recently there's this Malaysian blogger who tries to make out like he knows a lot by advising his readers to create about 10 free WordPress blogs and put Adsense on them to make money. 

You know bladdy well that WP will slap you down faster than Big G if any ads are found on their free blogs. Pity those newbies who follow this dumb advice. He would have sounded more credible if he had suggested using Blogger blogs. Maybe he got himself all cross-wired.

The Maniacal Post Writer

It is an insanely doctrine passed down by some high-horse bloggers and picked up by some of the newbies and noobs. Write stuff everyday and you'll see more bloggers knocking on your door. The Google bot will be indexing more of your work. You'll be in seventh heaven when you see your pagerank rise in no time. It's all hogwash.

Welcome to the world of the maniacal post writer who has this notion that writing everyday (or almost) is the cardinal rule of blogging in order to rise up in the SERPs. Have you ever noticed that on some of these "non-stop" blogs there are more fluffs and rehash than solid matter? 

I have noticed one blog that keeps coming up with posts of lists - best of this and best of that kind of BS - with outbound links to those sites whose posted articles are on the lists. Do it in a meaningful way then it's okay but not simply slapped them on every other post just to gain some mileage.

These post-a-day writers will run out of steam on worthy articles and then they will start to squeeze in silly interim posts just to make up the number. At the end of the day they are no better than any other average blog except to get a bunch of noobs coming over to say "good post", "great post", "excellent choice" and blah, blah.


Predictions: The Changing Face of Internet Marketing

Photo Credit: goldstardeputy

Today begins the New Year. Every mama's blogger (well, almost...) are putting in his or her two cents by telling us what they see in the crystal ball. What 2008 holds for the blogging community is in the stars or rather in the minds of blogging psychics.

I've seen some and a few more but I think none is as interesting as the predictions that came from coach and copywriter Michel Fortin's blog which I subscribe to keep in touch with what's going on in his mind. After you have finished reading here, you might want to pop over to his site to have a comprehensive read.

Fortin is telling us that there are three hot trends to watch out for this year "if you want to make some serious money in 2008 and beyond". Well, you may agree or thumb your nose at these predictions but let me state here in no uncertain manner that this copywriter may well be right on the ball. He has laid out a very plausible case about how the new trends will take shape and where they are heading.

If you are still clueless, here are Fortin's three major trends or markets that are going to hit us this year and beyond.

1. The newbie market

More and more newbies are entering the world of Internet marketing. They have very limited knowledge. A special research video which you can view at Fortin's blog will show the Internet is undergoing hyper-growth especially in the Asian and mid-Pacific regions.

2. The offline market

Internet marketing seminars are changing. Before you used to meet up with the usual suspects - the million-dollar marketers. But where are these veterans now? They have either retired or moved on to the offline market.
Many of them are also redirecting their focus on the Asian market where the money is. You get to see more seminars being held in the Asian region in cities like Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

3. The Asian market

In short, the Asian region is facing a huge "ground swell" of Netizens from China, Malaysia, Singapore, The Phillipines, Thailand and Indonesia. With this influx, more changes will come to Internet marketing. So Fortin is telling us to watch out for these emerging markets. "Enter them. Serve them. Or get out of the way," writes Fortin.

By now we should realize that Internet marketing is going through a "correction" period just like the stock market. That's how Fortin puts it. Whether it's about prices tumbling or heading for a crash, that's what the pundits call a "correction".

Remember sometime back, the gurus like Mike Filsaime and a few others were making reports about "The Death of Internet Marketing"? And earlier on "Nada Guru" Scott Boulch was telling us about "The Death Of Adsense" and "Life After Adsense"?

It may be a marketing ploy or there's something going on which many of us may not have cottoned on to. Hey, it could be happening right under your nose!