Why I'm A Part-Time Blogger, Not A Problogger

Whoa! Slow down cowboy. Well, as far as I'm concerned I've reach a point where I feel a need to be a little more laid-back in my blogging. In two years, I've experienced the rough rides and good times. I've come to realize that the blogosphere is evolving, it is constantly changing.

What kind of changes would that be in the next couple of years? For better or worse? I'm inclined to believe that the blogosphere is changing for the better. So why am I feeling laid-back and not planning to go with the new flow?

Yes, let me admit: On the surface I need to cut down on my blogging activities. I need time space to tackle other web projects that's trying to break out of my brain cells. Of course, I'll still be hanging around but not so active as before.

Two years ago it seemed like the so-called
A-list bloggers were calling all the shots in the areas of making money and attracting a horde of admirers. Roughly by the middle of last year you started to see the emergence of a new breed of bloggers who are not so easily drawn in by the aura of A-listers.

Since the great Google PageRank slapfest, people are responding to a new "wake-up" call. It is as if the majority are no longer blogging like drones.

There's a perception that the
new breed of bloggers are making their presence felt. They appeared to be better "educated" in the ways of the blogging world, not easily taken in by sweet talk, gimmicks, advisory rehash and "eye-candy" blog design.

And some of the more knowledgeable ones are not shy to help other less gifted bloggers to
learn the art of blogging and how to make some online income. If we continue to see signs of greater blogging awareness and savvy among bloggers, then it should augur well for the future of blogging.

Hopefully, we'll see the memes and mimics recede into the mist of blogosphere. And much, much less of clique bloggers.
I guess I'm now looking at blogging from a new perspective. Whatever I perceive right now may turn out to be true or false.

Well, it could be just my intuition about the development of things, but it isn't anything that I would lose sleep on.
Firstly, I still think of myself as a part-time blogger. Not a problogger. I like to blog but not like a crazed one.

Hey man
, I'm cool! If I do make some dough blogging, that's fine with me. If I don't, that's fine with me, too. And I don't see myself getting involved in the popularity stake.

If you find this blog a good read, thanks for the appreciation and you're always welcome. I understand we all can't be the same in mind, body and soul.
Sometimes you can do too much and yet achieve little for the efforts.

Maybe you have gone about it the wrong way. Sometimes you don't need to do that much and still your blog continues to get traffic but make sure you do post some good articles now and then.

That's to let people know you are still alive and kicking!
You don't have to take my word for it. Once you get around to reading other blogs you can make your own judgmental decision which are the good blogs to follow and skip the rest if they are just noise and fluff.

Over and above, you need to do your own research, acquire know-how and develop your own skills to face the challenge.
I would not advise the newbies to follow my laid-back approach to blogging.

Not yet. When you are starting out as a fresh blogger, you need to keep your blog engine running with regular posts especially with your personal blog until you have achieved a decent search engine pagerank and traffic.
If you go the niche blog way, you can maintain a more casual pace and even create a few more blogs to boot.

I won't go into details here because so much has been written elsewhere about the
pros and cons of niche blogs, social blogs and others. So are you prepared to work towards the next level of blogging?


Review Your Blogging Experience

How serious do you take your blogging? Are you a personal blog enthusiast writing about family and pet affairs? Or a social butterfly kind of blogger? A shopper blogger? Or maybe you are one of those money bloggers who see the dollar sign in every nook and corner of blogosphere.

Well, it takes all kinds of bloggers to make up the blogging community.

After one or two years of blogging, maintaining one or several sites, most people will reach a point in their blogging life whereby they need to sit back and review their blogging experience.

No doubt they will wonder what the hell they are doing in blogosphere! Are they making something out of it or none at all? Or are they just enjoying themselves in a narcissistic way as a blogger?
Like anything in life, having a self-appraisal in regards to spending time blogging is a good thing. Review your blogging experience and see which direction you are heading. Are you at the crossroads of blogging or cruising along nicely on that easy road?

Now know very well that there are a 100 million or more bloggers on this planet. That's a huge figure and still growing. In other words, if you decided to pack up as a blogger, it won't make one dent. You won't be missed. The blogosphere keeps on spinning while you go your way.

Given this perception of an "endless" stream of new Netizens starting their own blogs or websites, you can be sure that there will always be another noob or sucker joining the community of world bloggers everyday.

Most of us would have gone through this phase and learned from our blogging experience but the newbies will keep on coming, eager to grab opportunities and so-called good advice that are being offered because they tend to be easy targets.

I'm not saying all these offers are bad but one can never be sure especially when you are new to the game and still learning. But certainly there are scam artistes, snake-oil merchants, multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, sham contests and other shady deals.

Sadly, all of them will continue to reap some kind of harvests out of these newbies.

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