We Love Hot Gadgets, Don't You?

More often than not, whenever I stopped by a magazine store I never failed to look up magazines about gadgets. To be honest, sometimes we have this urge to check out what's the latest hot stuff that are on the market. You know, stuff like mobile phones, cameras, TV and Hi-Fi, computers and what have you.

One of the more attractive magazines that spotlights the latest gadgets with eye-catching displays (not the models posing with the gadgets, although they do look stunning) is Stuff, a UK magazine.

This gadget and lifestyle mag has been around for several years. Its format is stylishly designed and the content is loaded with gadget reviews. That's the kind of stuff that guys and gals with a taste for modern living are looking for.

As we all know, when it comes to buying, say a camera, it would be a wise move to do due diligence on the product first by reading up on the reviews before taking the plunge. Stuff's
gadget news blog is where the action is. Here you get to know the pros and cons of products based on a five-star rating. It's a good reference point for the "look before you leap" buyer who needs to get some information on products he or she plans to buy.

Stuff also has a page on the site where it shows a top 10 list of the gadgets that had undergone tests. A useful guide to show what's hot and what's not.


PayPal Security: "Unsafe Browsers" Will Be Blocked

Are you one of those Internet users who are still clinging on to those ancient browsers such as Internet Explorer 3 or 4? And are you signed up with PayPal to do money transactions? If you are then you're facing a security problem and PayPal will take action to block out your old browser.

Oh, c'mon, don't be a fuddy duddy! Download the latest versions of browsers such as Firefox, Flock or Internet Explorer 7 so that you won't feel sorry later on.

Well, here's the skinny on what you're in for if you don't make an effort to switch to newer and safer versions of these browsers.

Thanks to widespread phishing and other online attacks, web payment company PayPal has given notice that it will block "unsafe browsers" from using its service. It's a PayPal security measure for your own good.

According to a BBC report on its website, PayPal will first warn customers that certain browsers are unsafe. If customers continue to use its service without changing browsers, they will then be blocked.

The latest version of Internet Explorer support EV SSL certificates, while Firefox 2 supports it with an add-on but Apple's Safari browser for Mac and PCs does not.

"By displaying the green glow and company name, these newer browsers make it much easier for users to determine whether or not they're on the site that they thought they were visiting," said PayPal in a white paper on managing phishing.

Hopefully by now, most browser users would have upgraded to newer versions. But, obviously, there are still some holdouts in the World Wide Web who have not done so for whatever reasons. I assume they only make up a very small percentage of Net users still stuck with old browsers.

If you have not upgraded, here are three recommended browsers to download:

1. Firefox

2. Internet Explorer 7

3. Flock (I'm now using Flock as my main browser, it's cool).


JohnCow.com Up For Sale

Finally, it has to happen. JohnCow.com is up for sale. Or could this be another of his pranks as we all know the Cow is capable of all kinds of tricks ever since he came onto the blogging scene.

But this time, it looks like Mr Moo is truly moo-ving. And where would he roam? He has been talking a lot about the Land of Oz lately and that's where the Cow is heading.

Yes, people, Australia beckons. If the sale of JohnCow.com goes through, Mr Moo will be out of circulation for a few months until he has put his new house (farm?) in order Down Udder (correction: it's Down Under).

JohnCow.com -- a parody of JohnChow.com -- was launched on July 1, 2007 and before you could say "milk and mooney" the cow blog was hitting the ground running and creating a huge buzz in the blogosphere.

The popular John Cow will be missed by many of his blogging fans as he seeks greener pasture in Australia. We all wish him well once some cow wannabes cough up "a minimum of 25K and a BIN of 50K" for his blog. But to be honest, we are just wondering whether the site could really be worth that much, popular as it seems to be, especially when it was first launched.

In recent times, people have been selling (or should we say disposing) of their sites for ridiculous sums of money with pumped up traffic stats and whatnot. Yet, there are takers. 

Look at it this way, a popular blog may have tons of RSS subscribers but when a new owner takes over, would these subscribers stay around or pack up? 

CashQuests.com comes to mind - Kumiko made it a big success but now it looks like deadwood floating in the water. The style and quality of the content is no longer there, so we see subscribers migrating elsewhere.

Nevertherless, in order to spread the word about the sale, John Cow is encouraging all and sundry to pass on the news. He'll hand out a 5% commission on the sales price if he finds the right buyer who found JohnCow.com through you.

Whether the new owner of JohnCow.com will continue with the tradition of the cow blog or take it in a new direction remains to be seen. And who knows, after settling down in Oz, Mr Moo might pop up one day with a kangaroo blog! That would be hoppity cool, mate.

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Why These Stylish and Trendy Sunglasses Are Hot

Stylish and Trendy  Sunglasses have always been a favorite item not only for people trying to shield their eyes from the sun's glare but also they wear them for style - and making a fashion statement.

The fact is wholesale sunglasses have come a long way. Today, these trendy sunglasses are catching on with a wide range of styles - from Buckle styles to Novelty sunglasses. Not to forget there are sunglasses for kids, too!

Either it's for fashion or pragmatic reasons, people are just in love with these sunglasses. Why? Because branded quality sunglasses don't come cheap. That's where wholesale replica sunglasses are raking in the profit with cheaper versions of famous brands. Of course, they really do look eye-catching - and who can tell the difference?

I read an article once about the sunglasses business and it seems like it's one of those businesses that does not suffer a slowdown.

With trendy and stylish wholesale as popular as ever, those who venture into this field are cashing in. Just take a walk in any shopping mall and you'll see vendors displaying these replica sunglasses all over the place. People are just snapping them up.

I guess if you are looking for a lucrative business (other than those from blogging), you might want to consider taking a pot shot at selling these sunglasses. While at it, you might as well include wholesale sunglass accessories for good measure.