Getting Web Traffic Without Going Bonkers

Way to go with SEO  I know many of you have read so much about Web gurus and A-listers with their "insider secrets" and "success stories," but what are we to do with the untold numbers of Internet dropouts who just can't make it?

One of the biggest complaints are from people who bought marketing ebooks and courses -- and then they are left high and dry trying to fend for themselves as they discovered that hypes and the reality of making money online are not as hunky dory as they are cracked up to be. Have you ever experienced this?

If you've been long enough fooling around the Web, you'll have developed a sense of how things work online and you should be aware that a website that can attract a great amount of traffic stands a greater chance of doing better than those that only see a trickle of traffic. We are NOT even thinking of Google PageRank here.

As some knowledgeable bloggers would attest, you need an understanding of using keywords (or 'keyword sniping') to get good ranking on the search engines and have your site placed high on the SERPs. If you had done it right, you would be getting search engine traffic coming to your site. People searching for certain keywords that take them to your site are what you can consider as 'targeted traffic'.

This type of traffic is worth more than getting social network traffic. But the trouble with most bloggers is that they love social networking sites where they can communicate with like-minded bloggers. A kind of community camaraderie. No harm to socialize, but when are they getting serious about monetizing their sites in a positive way? A lot has been written about understanding how search engine optimization works and you can thank me for pointing you here to learn more about it.

In fact, it takes more than that to get the winning formula. The wise saying is "Look before you leap." If you have what it takes, making sense of blogging and monetizing your site should not be an uphill climb. You need to have the right information, read it, learn it and finally do what a good online entrepreneur has to do.

Most times, you don't need ebooks because there are places on the Web where you can learn things without burning a hole in your pocket or getting all mentally screwed up because of overwhelming information overload. Here's a good place to start...

For example, if you're an open-minded person with a penchant to learn more to get your Adsense blog going, you won't be disappointed by learning a thing or two from this "make money from Adsense" site. When you read the posts (dig deep into the archives for some gems) there, you will know they make sense to you. Then you know you are on the right track.

But if you still prefer to acknowledge the "ramblings" of some A-list bloggers and kow-tow to them, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor but you'll probably end up like those Internet dropouts once you realized you're going nowhere by following these A-listers.

Like some bloggers who have been harping on the same sad theme, let me ask these blogging patsies who love to blogroll most of the famous names on their sites: Do these A-listers ever reciprocate your kindly links to them? Geez, you are only linking (leaking) out to them, they get the traffic juice while you look more like a person who just love to "drop names" on your blogroll. - Markk

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Hey, Are You Taking Your Blog South?

    Let the cold wind blow south  Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not asking: Are you heading for Orlando, Florida, to enjoy the sun there on the beach or show off your golfing prowess on the greens? 

Nor am I enquiring whether you're heading south to old Mexico to partake in some tequila party. 

Yes, I'm just enquiring whether your used-to-be-hot blog is getting cold. Is the chilly wind blowing your way? Is your blog heading south? Yes, I mean going down! 

Google's recent PageRank updates didn't create a big hoo-ha as it used to. I guess folks are getting numb to the chilly effects of a Goog slapfest. But I'm sure many sites discovered they were knocked down a peg or two. 

Have you noticed that many bloggers are losing steam and people don't seem to be dropping by lately. So where have all your blogging buddies or cronies gone?

Why aren't they coming to visit anymore? Hey, I'm still blogging! Why are you people not visiting and leaving comments anymore like you all used to do? 

Shades of blogging blues creeping in. The usual suspects don't seem to be blogging enough these days. Visit some of these blogs and they look more like some ghost towns. It looks like people are moving on.

When you start to get a little twitch here and there, maybe it's time to look into your own self in regards to your blogging experience. Has it gone sour? Kaput!

Are you still doing the same kind of posts, consistently as when you first started? 

Ask: Or have you strayed off track without realizing it? 

Ask: Have you lost interest and getting bored about blogging? 

There are various symptoms that could have triggered the alarm bell. If only you are more alert to take notice and put your two feet back on solid ground.

There are too many questions here. I don't know. Maybe some of you may still be as active as ever churning out great posts... but in my part of the woods there's a disquieting kind of silence. Maybe, it's just me. Food for thought... - Markk