Write When You Get A Brainwave!

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Thinking in retrospect   Suddenly it dawned on me to look back at some of the posts I had written and recollect the thoughts and ideas that went into those articles. It's still early in the New Year and what better time than to bring forward these articles with internal links to them (hint, hint) so as to make it easy for those who are interested to click through to those posts in my portfolio. That is, if you are reading this post now.

In fact, much has been written about creating internal links that will help the search bots to better find the way to your old posts. Am I promoting myself? Well, yes and no. To be honest, I'm creating links back to those old articles in the hope that they will attract the search engine spiders to sniff at the trail. It's an idea that's worth experimenting, isn't it?

Okay, it's not as if this is something new. It's just a brainwave that comes when the brain cells is fully charged!

I happened to sneak back into an old post "10 Great Articles of  2007..." and that got me thinking about writing this post (hint, hint, again). Talk about some bloggers who begrudge the fact that the writer's block is, more often than not, starring them in the face.

Let me recollect this extract from "10 Great Articles..." :

Like anything in life, we need guidance. We need to go through the learning curve. We need exchanges of good ideas and profound insights to become better bloggers.

Each one of us does not have all the answers, so who do we turn to for the right answers? Yes, peer bloggers. There are many of them who can show us tips and tricks of blogging because they themselves have gone through the grind and learn a lot from their own blogging experience.

Here are some of my most read posts that have garnered comments by readers coming mainly from search engine traffic and other links (hint, hint) :

* Getting Web Traffic Without Going Bonkers

* Hey, Are You Taking Your Blog South?

* Bloggers, Reach Out with Valued Comments

* Do You Follow the Pied Pipers of Blogging?

* Wiil SnapBomb be a Snap for Bloggers?

* Are You Ready to become a Laid-back Blogger?

* On the Internet Trail of Delusion

* Predictions: The Changing Face of Internet Marketing

* Mama, Don't Let Your Baby Grow Up To Be A Blogger 

Well, there you are, one more post to boot - and now I can sit back and relax with a nice cold beer and enjoy some late night blues! - Markk


mickey Sandkasten said...

Nice thoughts ;-)

andrew said...

Thanks for the wonderful information. I would love to regularly read your blog.

warren said...

yes, just sit back with the music...I wrote articles just because I love blogging, but sometimes I wanna see my blog visited by a big number of visitor and leave their comments...

Angelina said...

All of the article links you show go to "page not found". I really wanted to read those old posts.

Markk said...

> Angelina: Thanks for waking me up regarding the article links. I thought everything was all right. Very sorry for the inconvenience. The links are back now. I guess too much beer and the Blues got me down!

Wolfbernz said...

Good post, thanks for sharing.

Somtimes it is hard to write!

Have a great weekend!

charmy said...

It's a good way to start a new year rememeber the good things made in the past... Good compilation of posts Silvia! I hope I'll see more of them during this year!

Total return said...

Good informations thanks for this share!

Document Management said...

i wish i got brainwaves more often :S

Sally said...

To be honest, I'm creating links back to those old articles in the hope that they will attract the search engine spiders to sniff at the trail.

Markk said...

> Sally: Good to know you're doing that to make it easier for the spiders to follow the trail deep into the archive. Thanks for dropping by.

tala said...

oooo very nice info... thank you

Selbstständigkeit said...

Thansk for the post very nice