Shatter These 'Make Money Online' Myths

Pitfalls And The MMO Trap   I just can't get over the fact that Internet newbies and noobs are still very much alive and not that they know which way they are heading.

Take a stroll through community sites such as Blogcatalog and a host of other social networking sites, read their comments and discussions, and you can tell straightaway the load of rubbish being bantered around.

That is not to say it's all crap that you come across because there are also some knowledgeable comments and discussion as well on these sites. But the silly stuff seems to be predominant.

Well, can't blame those who are being naive, ignorant and still wet behind the ears. Okay, I've gone through the same route when I first started this blogging journey.

It goes without saying that when you are on to something new, you will have the spirit and enthusiasm to push on in your endeavour. You will be excited over many aspects of your new-found world of blogging. You will be biting at every carrot that's offered to you on the Net.

We know that many people have fallen into the Make Money Online trap. There are pitfalls which you can learn to avoid by being more circumspect in your dealings on the Internet. Too many newbies and noobs are stepping into the dark side of the blogosphere without trying to understand how the 'system' works.

We know of people buying some product and service, taking part in one product launch after another and piling up thousands of dollars in debt -- all for that promises of great wealth. No kidding. Most of these people don't ever turn the corner, ending up frustrated and calling it quits.

However, it's not the end of the world. There are still many ways to skin a cat -- that is to make your Internet venture a success. But it takes perseverance, focus and hard work to make it.

There are seven Make Money Online myths that you need to know before you take the plunge, according to Internet marketing veteran and coach Terry Dean. Just pay him a visit and read what he has in store for you if you are inclined towards Internet marketing. The truth is out there. - Markk


Carol King said...

You are so right, about the junk that is being touted as gospel on the net. I have been one of the thousands that jumped on every opportunity available looking to get rich quick, but I learnt over time that there are also some truly great knowledgeable folks online (such as yourself) that are committed to offering quality useful information to those who are just starting out. Making money online certainly does take perseverance but I have to say I would not trade in my 4 year journey for the world, because now I only work 9 hours a week at a "real" job and the rest of the time I am free to enjoy life and live my true passion.

Great post.

Markk said...

> Carol: Right on, sis, way to go! You,too,have gone through the learning curve. I have seen great improvements on some sites of yours. Enjoy!

mma gear said...

This is excellent advice, there is so much junk stuff out there... that its easy to fall prey to a get rich quick scheme and lose money. It important to view making money online as just like any other business, where diligent research and testing takes time and energy.

Watch Movies said...

The best way to learn is to visit forum.

linda said...

If it sounds too good to be true... then it probably is.

Reginald Reglus said...

I agree with you 100%. The problem is that many newbies lose their common sense when they start an online business. Unfortuately, this is true with entrepreneurs in many spheres of business. I have certainly made my share of mistakes in my 18 year entrepreneurial journey. I think some keys are as follows:
1.Do your due diligence on products and the people who sell them;
2.Getting educated before you spend a lot of money...work to learn before you work to earn;
3.Read both offline and online resources about your business.
4. Use common sense. Forget get rich quick. Get rich wisely. Thanks for your post!

avsa said...

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darkone said...

I am a Noob at the internet market, and you are right!
I have a dating website and it's hard work if you do by yourself like me. I must spend about 11 hours a day working on my site and looking for ways to get google to even see me.
And i cant just pay someone to do the work for me, as the markets crash who has the money to through around? i dont.
I wish the was a making money on line for Noobs book or DVD that did'ent bullshit you into believing that the net was easy and anyone can do it.
Keep up the good work ;)

freelife said...

Now a days we get lots of advertisements regarding making money online.Upto what extent it's correct and beneficial can't be said.

Markk said...

>Reginald Reglus: your line "work to learn before you work to earn" is great for a post title. Thanks.

Cellular Phones said...

the best way just learn from expert and we must do trial and error.