Way To Go With Posterous - Plain And Simple

Anyone can start a blog. Why blogs and not websites? Because a blog is comparatively cheaper and easier to set up than a website. Some blog services are free.

Posterous is something which I just discovered recently although it has been around since last year. Perhaps I was too busy with my blogs and websites to take notice of it then.

I'm quite excited that Posterous is making blogging to be as easy as sending an email. I guess it's up to your imagination to make your free Posterous site as good and appealing as it can be.

If you're not one to be bothered with too much technicalities as far as blog goes, Posterous will be the right platform for you with its "plain and simple" interface. 

Think. One could use Posterous as an extension of your blogging arm to communicate as a frontline news or information site that will point readers to your other sites.

Yes, blogs are dynamic sites that get updated frequently and that attracts search engine spiders to drop by more often than not.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to install your own blog. It's a breeze with Posterous. Any savvy teenager can do it. So can you. Basically, if you can write, you can blog.

Big deal.

 - Markk

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