LiveJournal Bloggers Get Go-ahead To Monetize Sites

Is this something new or just a Johnny-come-lately news?

Mashable.com has given a headsup on the blogging platform LiveJournal. Yes, LiveJournal is now allowing its users to make some moolah through Google Adsense.

But then, there's a catch.

Users must be paid LiveJournal members in order to take part in its new program called "Your Journal - Your Money". Well, it's only $19.95 per year.

Now we understand that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Unless...

As we all know all along, Blogger was the first blogging platform to allow free users to monetize their sites with Adsense. And TypePad follow suit.

Now we just wonder when WordPress will open the door for its WordPress.com users to place ads on their sites.

Don't bank on it though. That will be the day. - Markk

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