New Themes For Posterous Users

UPDATE:  It's a pity that Posterous had to shut down and I regret that the article below is no longer relevant - Markk

The cool Posterous people have announced that users of their free sites can now customize the look and feel of their sites.

You can choose from built-in themes, customize colour and header image, and even write your own custom CSS/HTML themes.

Before, users are stuck by a minimalist look. Something like a plain Jane.

For those who have yet to sign up with Posterous, it's good for you to know that this is a free, simple blog/site and it's a breeze to set up. Check out my Posterous site here.

For starter, Posterous has come up with five built-in themes to choose from.

According to the Posterous site, they will be releasing more themes in the system "as soon as we create them."

Posterous themes are Tumblr-compatible. The Posterous Theme Engine was built to work with the thousands of existing Tumblr themes. - Markk

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Ez Saver said...

It's great news that these blogs are finally customizable. I always thought I landed on the same one cause they all looked the same.