Ready To Ride The Google Wave?

Photo Credit: thelastminute

The Wave Effect has yet to take the Internet by storm. Yes, we are talking about the Google Wave experience which until now is limited to invited web users to have a go at the new system.

At the same time, Google has been running an online survey via email, Twitter and a link in its Help Center, and gathering random samples of people who volunteered to provide some feedback on the Google Wave experience.

Google released its latest findings last Friday in a blog post which revealed a mixed reaction from users.

The pioneering Google Wavers, according to Google, had given some positive responses even though the system is not quite the finished product. There were some dislikes as well which Google will address.

But for many web users who have yet to experience Google Wave, they are still blurred. What the heck is Google Wave?

According to Google, the Wave concept is something akin to a central place on the Internet where users can communicate and collaborate with each other such as integrating messages and documents. In fact, there is a plethora of tools and methods in Google Wave which makes you wonder if this is something like a 'Swiss Army Knife'.

Based on its findings, Google has pledged to organize its team around the core issues that are important to making waving better.

"We're working hard to scale our systems so you can invite your friends and colleagues to wave with you. We're also thinking about how to integrate with existing communication and collaboration tools. And since we all know that fast is better than slow, a large portion of the team is working to make Google Wave faster."

Google said it would launch Google Wave next year which is just around the corner. Well, Big G's Wave team will have to work overtime to meet the deadline. Or could it be delayed? As mentioned earlier, a lot of us are still fuzzy. - Markk

*Image credit:  More great pix by Duncan Rawlinson at TheLastMinuteBlog.com

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James said...

It's here now. By invite like Gmail was. I'm still mixed myself. For one, it is not universal like email, at least not yet and I have no idea if google plans to open source it.
Right now, I do think it could be a great collaborative tool. I don't know if it would replace email.

Markk said...

> James: It's got the potential to be a good collaborative tool. WSJ's "The End of the Email Era" article last month suggested a shift in the way we communicate but then we also have Twitter and Facebook. I wouldn't like to see a system that becomes too complicated for most users. We'll see.

Duncan said...

Hi there,

Thank you for for using my photograph in this post!

Please attribute the photograph to Duncan Rawlinson and link to me @ http://www.TheLastMinuteBlog.com

Thank you!


Markk said...

> Duncan: No problem, mate. Excellent pic.

Film Izle said...

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Chacaal said...

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Anonymous said...

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tommy said...

another great tools from google. best of all it's free. i'm really respect to google what they have done for all the time. i'm gonna use this tools

Scentsy Candles said...

I wouldn't like to see a system that becomes too complicated for most users. We'll see. Right now, I do think it could be a great collaborative tool. I don't know if it would replace email.

Roy said...

Google Wave is an interesting product. So far it has worked really well in our business keeping track of projects and updates. It's a good add on to our CRM tool.

lingerie said...

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