Will Google Blink When Murdoch Gives The Finger?

Who'll blink first? If there's anyone who can give Google the finger with a defiant look, it has to be media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

In an interview on Nov 9, Monday, with Sky News political editor David Speers, the News Corporation supremo said he plans to take his media sites off the radar of search engines.

That's right. He has suggested that News Corp is likely to make its content invisible to users on search engines like Google when it launches its paid content strategy.

At a recent media meeting in Beijing, it was reported that Mr Murdoch told Internet search engines that they should pay for news content and claimed that they were "stealing" from news sites such as Sky News and Fox News which are under the umbrella of News Corp.

We know he has been talking about making people pay for online news but this is the first time Mr Murdoch actually mentioned it in the interview that he is slamming the door on free news.

Would that hurt online news readers? Don't think so. There are so many other news sources on the Internet. Traditional print media looks like a sunset industry.

Funny thing is for a guy in his position, Mr Murdoch appears to be astonishingly out of touch with the industry he's in and shows little knowledge about the Internet.

If you listen closely to what he's saying in the interview, you might feel flabbergasted by the way he's rambling about his new plans to capture "quality audience" who are willing to pay for online news from his media sites.

The Empire Strikes Back

Makes you wonder whether he has lost it or is he dead serious that his empire is gonna strike back at Google. Would that make any difference to Big G?

And for the rest of us, we can go fly a kite! That's how it sounds like in his rambling.

Mr Murdoch has claimed that readers who randomly reach a page via search have little value to advertisers.

When it comes to making piles of moolah, who are we to question Mr Murdoch?

But. as we all know, newspaper revenues have crumbled and the recession has hit hard at the online ad market. Mr Murdoch's media empire, notwithstanding, is also taking some hard knocks revenue-wise.

What do you think? Will Mr Murdoch reach the end of the tunnel where there's light or is he heading in the wrong direction? - Markk

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Ashok said...

You're absolutely correct. The traditional news media is losing the battle in the news sector. See, the figures of New York TImes. On Internet, the only model that is working properly is the free content. Free news, free software, and free services (such as Google Docs or free email). It is difficult to sell news on Internet, when the news will be covered by other people. In fact, free content is to be monetized through ads.

Moreover, I don't know what Murdoch is talking about, but it is a well-known fact that visitors from search engines translate better into ad income.

It is also in the news that Murdoch's newspapers are getting about 33% of the total traffic from Google. So, I don't know why he is complaining.

Jondar said...

Quite frankly, it sounds like Mr Murdoch has lost his mind. 33% is nothing to sneeze at. He will end up cutting his nose off to spite his face.

Austin said...

I'm sorry but that guy's a real jerk. He's wallowing in money and not satisfied with the 500 billion he's got already. News should be free and his way of thinking is dead with the dinosaurs. No one in their right mind would pay for news.

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