2010: The End Is Nigh For MyBlogLog

The rumour mill is swirling with the news that community site MyBlogLog could be facing the axe. Of course, the one that's wielding the axe is none other than Yahoo!

ReadWriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick, in his post on the impending death of MyBlogLog, felt the social networking site had great potential and it's "downright tragic" to see its demise.

I believe so, too. It's a damn shame to see one of the early social networking pacesetters being targeted as a candidate for extinction. Another dodo.

You bet many bloggers will not take too kindly to the decision to finally axe MyBlogLog . In January?  No doubt, there are many spammers at MyBlogLog, but there are just as many genuine users, too.

ReadWriteWeb called up co-founder Eric Marcoullier to comment on the prospect of MyBlogLog's demise. And Marcoullier's take was that there was no "executive champion" to promote MyBlogLog internally following a US$10 million buyout by Yahoo! in January 2007.

When MyBlogLog was launched in 2006, the community site was seen as an innovative social network where a widget on your blog allowed you to see the avatar of your visitors. It was one of the hottest things then, and MyBlogLog was the rage as more and more bloggers signed up.

So what's on the mind of Yahoo?

Yahoo! Developer Network head Chris Yeh, responding to the rumour, says in a blog post at the offical site:
"Frankly, it's no secret within Yahoo! that we're actively discussing the future of MyBlogLog. However, it's also true that we have not made any final decisions at this point. Is a shutdown on the table? Sure, that's an option. But there are other options as well."
It was thought MyBlogLog would have a great future when Yahoo! took over but now we know it was a lauded deal that morphed into atrophy.

Many bloggers will remember with nostalgia that MyBlogLog was a rising social networking star back in 2006.

It grew and grew until Yahoo! came into the picture, grabbed it and started to tinker mess with it. Some of the changes did not go down well with MBL users.

Spam issues cropped up with MyBlogLog's attempt to allow one blogger to label another a spammer. Understandably, many bloggers were up in arms against the "crazy" tagging move with a ruling to label anyone caught spamming to be called a "schmoe".

People will be wondering why Yahoo! spent 10 million bucks to acquire MyBlogLog in the first place and then let it idle away with hardly any innovation.

Perhaps, one can look at it as Yahoo's missed opportunity to build on the potential of MyBlogLog but now it's probably too late. - Markk


tommy said...

poor bloglog :(
maybe better let google acquire it
or bloglog waiting to "Rest In Peace"

saad said...

r u serios????? bloglog get me 30% of my web trafic :( tht is just poor , even geocities is gonna close in 1yr tym , what is yahoo good at?

BTLO said...

maybe better let google acquire it
or bloglog waiting to "Rest In Peace"