Twitter Web Tools To Stop Spammers

A post at social media guide site, Mashable, today reported that CNN had broadcast a segment on using web tools to avoid untrustworthy links and spammy Twitter users.

As Twitter users, most of us would have experienced spam one way or another. So the CNN tips on trustworthy tweeting just come in handy for users to find out who you can follow and who to ignore. The CNN video recommended four web tools that will protect your Tweets.

PowerTwitter is a browser add-on that's loaded with many features like doing search and track, play videos and music, share photos and it can expand short URLs so you know what you're about to click on.

TweetBlocker is a free resource for Twitter users and application developers. Using highly advanced filtering, it catalogs and ranks the top spammers on Twitter, allowing you to quickly and easily find spammers who you may have inadvertently managed to follow.

The TweetGrade site provides a handy tool where you enter your Twitter username and find out how you rate as a Twitter user.

It's useful when you receive a message from a person asking you to follow him or her. You use TweetGrade to check out that person and see how he/she rates before you jump in.

BTW, I checked out my own grading. I entered my username "markk" and TweetGrade gave me a Tweet Grade of "A+".  Cheers!

So don't be helpless when you face the scourge of spamming. All these tools are designed to help you get rid of any spam accounts.

According to TechCrunch, Web security firm Purewire (which operates TweetGrade) did an analysis of seven million Twitter accounts and concluded that a full 80 percent of Twitter accounts have fewer than 10 followers. What's more, 30 percent have zero followers.


New Themes For Posterous Users

UPDATE:  It's a pity that Posterous had to shut down and I regret that the article below is no longer relevant - Markk

The cool Posterous people have announced that users of their free sites can now customize the look and feel of their sites.

You can choose from built-in themes, customize colour and header image, and even write your own custom CSS/HTML themes.

Before, users are stuck by a minimalist look. Something like a plain Jane.

For those who have yet to sign up with Posterous, it's good for you to know that this is a free, simple blog/site and it's a breeze to set up. Check out my Posterous site here.

For starter, Posterous has come up with five built-in themes to choose from.

According to the Posterous site, they will be releasing more themes in the system "as soon as we create them."

Posterous themes are Tumblr-compatible. The Posterous Theme Engine was built to work with the thousands of existing Tumblr themes. - Markk

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LiveJournal Bloggers Get Go-ahead To Monetize Sites

Is this something new or just a Johnny-come-lately news?

Mashable.com has given a headsup on the blogging platform LiveJournal. Yes, LiveJournal is now allowing its users to make some moolah through Google Adsense.

But then, there's a catch.

Users must be paid LiveJournal members in order to take part in its new program called "Your Journal - Your Money". Well, it's only $19.95 per year.

Now we understand that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Unless...

As we all know all along, Blogger was the first blogging platform to allow free users to monetize their sites with Adsense. And TypePad follow suit.

Now we just wonder when WordPress will open the door for its WordPress.com users to place ads on their sites.

Don't bank on it though. That will be the day. - Markk