Apple iPad: It's Time For A Reality Check

The hype and the show are over. For the Apple iPad which CEO Steve Jobs described as "so much more intimate than a laptop, so much more capable than a smartphone", the time has come for a reality check.

It's time for some serious rumination of the much anticipated Apple tablet device with a touch screen, Web browser and email functions.

As the anticipatory madness wears off, sobering thoughts take over. Figuratively speaking, the cat is out of the bag.

Technology aficionados are breathing easily now. Industry watchers are weighing the pros and cons of this tablet device that "sits between a laptop and a smartphone".

But imagine if you are sitting between Hulk Hogan and a sumo wrestler, how would you feel if both sidle up to you?

If I were an iPad I would feel like something that has been squelched.

While some analysts think this Apple gadget is cool and has a bright future, some others are not so sure it could be as successful as the iPod and iPhone.

Research firm Interpret's Mike Gartenberg was quite enthusiastic about the iPad. He told the BBC:  "I think this is going to be a very successful product for them (Apple), and exceed expectations . . .Apple did what they needed to do. They gave this form factor a reason to exist."

A CNet poll, run immediately after the iPad launch, had indicated that slightly over half of the respondents said: "No way. It's not what I hope/expected."

Doesn't sound promising there. According to CNet writer Erica Ogg, a lot of people had ""expressed dissatisfaction with everything from the size, the price, the specs, and the content availbale, to the usage model."

Tech blog Gizmodo's Wilson Rothman is of the opinion that the iPad is not about replacing your netbook or your Kindle e-reader. If you love these two products, you are likely to stay with them rather than switch to the Apple tablet.

The social media guide blog, Mashable, has Stad Schroeder questioning: "If you’re sitting at your computer, will you go fetch the iPad to send some e-mails on it? I don’t think so. Will you play on your iPad if you have a PlayStation? Ask your kid, I’m sure he/she knows the answer."

However, Schroeder feels that the iPad's time is coming, but it may be "very far ahead."

Many detractors have pointed out that the iPad is not all it's cracked up to be because...
  • It lacks the ability to do multi-tasking which is already a common feature in laptops, notebooks and netbooks.
  • There's no camera
  • There's no Flash, the ubiquitous, video and animation software
  • Connectivity issues need to be addressed
Whether the iPad is "better at browsing, better at sending emails, better at reading books" the cost of owning one may put many people off.

At $599 for a 32GB iPad and $699 for a 64GB model, and with some of the features that you can find on a laptop or a cheap netbook missing, I bet not many people are going to change the balance of their bank account. - Markk

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Matt said...

Great video! regarding the ipad: with such a name, and so many lacking features...i can't find a reason to buy it.

david said...

in the future, i want to see a them create a game controller to plug in the ipad. this would be good for racing and shooting game. i would like to play modern warfare 2 if apple would create this.

Dreiden said...

What gets me is the whole "so much more intimate than a laptop" notion ... are they seriously expecting to replace the laptop with this over glorified iPod? Without expendable memory or even a proper OS so we can install the software used on a daily basis this is nothing more than a toy in my opinion.

spor haberleri said...

Herkezin kendi düşüncesidir bence:)

Austin said...

The Ipad is a toy for Apple fanboys. Nothing more. I mean, a 1ghz processor? Seriously? You can easily get a phone with 800mhz today and add a card to it, so this is basically a phone with a big screen that can't make calls.

ilanlar Caddesi said...

Great video