Smartphone Smackdown on the Cards?

A great smackdown among the world's mobile phone makers is on the cards as they head towards the smartphone battleground to shape the future of the mobile phone industry. And all this could be a good thing for the consumers.

The four-day Mobile World Congress that kicked off in Barcelona on Monday Feb 15 is expected to unveil potential announcements by key players.

Apple's dominance of mobile apps will be challenged by an "alliance" of some of the world's leading mobile phone operators such as AT&T, Telefonica, Orange, China Mobile, Sprint, Vodaphone and others who are reported to be planning an open technology platform that will deliver apps to all mobile phone users.

As the apps market is fragmented at present without a common standard, it makes sense to see these players come together to establish one. There are indications of support from Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG, including the GSM Association, the industry body that organises the Barcelona trade show.

The alliance, which they called the Wholesale Applications Community, is believed to have access to more than three billion customers in the world.

This initiative was unveiled at the Congress, attended by some of the world's largest mobile phone operators and more than 47,000 people and 1,300 exhibitors, on the first day.

It's interesting to note that the company everyone wants to take a bite at - Apple - is not present in Barcelona. But Apple's shadow still hangs over the show.

Expectations are high that the show will reveal upcoming technology trends and the directions companies are taking as the mobile phone industry shifts its focus from hardware to software.

Samsung unveiled its Wave smartphone on Monday generating great interest. Sony Ericsson, not to be outdone, unveiled two high-end smartphone models - the Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. Both are shrunken versions of Sony's high-end Xperia X10 smartphone that was launched end of last year.

More mobile phone makers are expected to unveil new smartphones that are as versatile as a PC and allow users to surf the Internet.

According to the United Nations' telecommunication agency, the number of mobile phone subscriptions worldwide has reached 4.6 billion and is expected to increase to five billion this year.

"Even during an economic crisis, we have seen no drop in the demand for communications services," AFP reported ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure as saying.

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide is expected to exceed one billion this year and there were around 600 million such subscriptions at the end of 2009, the agency said.

Could this be exciting times for smartphone makers and users as we expect the market to open up and expand? And has Apple something up its sleeves? - Markk

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Matt said...

With so many good looking and powerful featured smartphones, the companies would better invest in a good marketing strategy if they want a big share of the market. At this point it's not enough to develop glossy phones and give smart speeches.

Gadgetsholic said...

Well it's not just Smartphone, I think the Tablet Market is growing fast. And I love the Samsung Wave S8500 that unveiled at MWC 2010 especially the AMOLED screen.

andrew said...

hmmm so much for the technology advancement

I dont think i'll switch with that kind of phone yet...

Neus G said...

Great find. Thanks for the emerging technology.