US Soldiers Go Gaga with Spoof Video

Hello there!  Let's have some light moments, relax, and watch what this group of American soldiers are up to -- they have come up with a male version of pop sensation Lady Gaga's "Telephone"  video hit.

Other than fighting the war in Afghanistan, a group of US soldiers deployed there have gone to do a remake of  a music video homage to Lady Gaga with their own take of a lip-synched rendition of her hit anthem.

Members of the 82nd Airborne Division posted the video on YouTube last week, and it has gone viral, logging more than 260,000 views to date.

The spoof video features an all-male cast.

The website, thesmokinggun.com, presented the video's remarkable backstory and describes the video as "the most entertaining music video homage ever shot in a war zone."

The video, according to The Smoking Gun, was filmed recently inside what appears to be a garage at the Forward Operating Base in Farah Province, Afghanistan.

It was reportedly the brainchild of Aaron Melcher, a married 24-year-old soldier.

When the finished product was in hand, Melcher embedded the video on his Facebook page. There, he described his handiwork as "the hotness" and urged his Facebook pals to "share it with the world."

Melcher told thesmokinggun.com that the video has "blown up way more" than the size of original target audience - a "couple of our friends and family."

We can guess Lady Gaga wouldn't mind the publicity generated by this video on YouTube. - Markk

Alejandro Poker Face 


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