Building Links Is Like Building Bridges

Get Connected, Build Bridges. If you are looking for link love, then it's time to take action to boost your link popularity. Your blog is like your car. You're in the driver's seat and how you get to your destination is up to you to know the direction. In the case of link popularity, you have to work at it to secure top search engine positions.

Why is linking so important? First and foremost, it's the lifeblood of any blog. If you're a newbie with an ambition to hit big time (although I can't guarantee you that!), then building link popularity is a 'bread and butter' chore you just can't ignore. Don't forget Google places great importance on link popularity. Getting websites to link (inbound links) to yours is as important today as yesterday.

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What separates the high-rankers from the low-rankers depends on your own creativity in applying your link-building. It's not about making sure your blog is worth a link, it's about going out and getting them.

Now the trouble with most newbies is that they tend to do too much like wasting hours attempting to optimize their sites with a keyword. Basically, there are just about a few steps you can take to optimize your site. Yes, follow these basic steps first before moving on to more complex tasks.

There are other important aspects of blogging that you need to take care of, but let us stick to link popularity here. Understand that this and the other 'tricks' of SEO and keyword targeting are 'best practices' that will help to boost your site's ranking in the SERPs. We do all these things to get a good flow of traffic juice.

Countless posts on other sites have been harping on this perennial favourite subject with some variations here and there. And yet it's always a good reminder to those who are just getting into the act to start with the basics.

There are too many angles and side issues related to link popularity to cover here in this post. I'm just trying to remind bloggers, especially newbies, that it takes some sweat to get your blog going.

Most bloggers are fully conscious of the need to improve on their link popularity and they are constantly working to reach the next level. However, there are others who may not be aware or lack an understanding of this necessary action to gain popularity. It's either that or they are just not interested, or too lazy to move their butts.

Generally, most bloggers will, sooner or later, come to realize that they have to take action if they sincerely want their blogs to be noticed by building more links. If you're linking to a website, make sure it's a reputable link. Also, the links you are getting should be as relevant to your website content as possible in some way.

Okay, I assume some wise guy will tell you there's an easier way to become popular without the blood, sweat and tears. Don't be tempted by offers that say they have traffic generation machines on steroids that can promote your site to thousands of search engines, directories, link pages and so on  Don't be drawn in hook, line and sinker by these offers, even if they are free. Check them out first.

For a comprehensive read on riding the rough terrain of link popularity, there is a descriptive article on the subject at SiteProNews that will give a greater insight into the how, why and what of link popularity.

If your intention is to make some moolah online, then it's imperative that you take action. But all this does not come easy within a short time. For most webmasters, it takes patience, industriousness and some creativity to achieve that goal.

You are in the driver's seat, so if you fail to accomplish link popularity and top search placement, then it will have been the fault of your inaction to build bridges. - Markk

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