How To Engage Readers With Interesting Content and Design

As we all know, not all websites or blogs are created equal.

It all boils down to the owner of the site - whether he knows what he's doing or he's just a tyro starting on his blogging journey.

Not everyone has the flair to create good design on his blog. Not everyone has a good understanding of typography. And not everyone is capable of writing good copy for posting. But everyone can learn through experience and learning from those who can show the way.

Some good advice on how to make your website or blog interesting with content that resonates well with readers - words or pictures - will certainly point you in the right direction.

I find Daniel Harbeck's article below very informative for beginners and those who feel they need to step up to the next level. He has succinctly explained some of the 'tricks' that will help you improve your website or blog and make it engaging for visitors. Read on...

How to Make a Website Interesting and Easy to Read

by Daniel Harbeck 

Almost anyone can learn how to make a website. Software programs that create the code for the user have turned what used to be a complex process into a simple task that even a child can master. However, just because you can make a website doesn’t guarantee that your website will be easy to read or interesting for the reader. Fortunately, with a few simple techniques, you can make your website content engaging.

Break up Content

Studies show that people read information differently on the web than they do in print. For example, website users only tend to read small amounts of information at a time, and they are less likely to read all of the information. For this reason, experts call the web a “non-sticky medium,” meaning that readers won’t stick around to read every last sentence, especially if the information is poorly organized or if there is too much text on a page.

As a result of these reading patterns, you must write small amounts of content for a single page rather than create a long, scrolling page. Users are less likely to read information that they must scroll down to find. Keep the amount of information small, and get to the point quickly to ensure that the users read and understand the essential points.

Use Headings and Subheadings

In addition to placing only a small amount of text on each page, use headings and subheadings to label the content, especially if you must place more than a few paragraphs of text on a single page. Headings and subheadings facilitate skimming and help the user find the information he or she is looking for, which makes them more likely to stay on your website until they have gathered the information they need.

Make Content Stand Alone

One common mistake made by people who are learning how to make a website is to write content for each page on the website that assumes that the user has read the other pages. Instead, the content on each page should make sense when read by itself, even if the user does not visit any of the other pages on the website.

Many users will only visit one or two links on your site, so you can’t assume that the user has read any of your other pages. If a user lands on your page and can’t understand the content, or if the content refers to information on other pages that they haven’t read, the user might leave the website without reading any of your other information or visiting any other links.

Consider the Audience

Some website authors assume that they are writing for a general audience, or that because the web is available to anyone with internet access that they don’t have to think about their audience’s needs and reasons for visiting their website.

This is a mistake. While your website is technically available to a wide audience, people will visit your website for specific reasons. For example, if your website is about cooking and wine, your audience will probably consist of readers who are adults who like to cook and have a sufficient level of income to afford to buy wine.

Cater to your audience by choosing topics that might interest them. For instance, if your audience is primarily youth and young adults who are interested in motocross, feature a motocross athlete that has been in the news lately. Then, update your content and add new content frequently to ensure that the audience keeps coming back to your site to read more.

* Article courtesy SiteProNews


Frreedom from Worldliness & Fear said...

One of the downsides of media sharing is that so much has already been posted, seen and then seen again. If you just post the same old photos that we see everywhere else, you aren’t going to manage to keep people coming back.

Using your own photography, or that of someone hired to provide it for blog, will go a long way to making people want to see what’s new. You can also use drawings and digital art to this purpose. I have noticed more people using little cartoons along with blog posts to help illustrate their point. This has always been a great tactic in books, newspaper articles and magazines.

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But if you have nonsense post and low quality article expect a slight change of traffic. Since readers won't bother visiting the site again to check for new updates and post.

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Harley Davidson said...

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I´ll miss the old web of the 90th anyway, where anyone with interesting content could be the #1. Now you have to be an editor, designer, SEO-expert and addicted to social media ...

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