When You Get the Blogging Blues...

Well, it's more than five years now that yours truly has been blogging on this site. Sometimes with bountiful energy and passion. Other times I did feel like a blogging laggard, probably brought about by this malady called writer's block. I'm sure many of you bloggers have been hit by this, too.

Nevertheless, we plod on if we believe our blogs still have the rejuvenating juice to keep it going. Oh yes, I've overcome the writer's block many times and I've discussed some ways to get around it in other articles.

Two years ago I had that nagging feeling that I was putting my nose to the blogging grindstone. Truth be told, I was getting a bit jaded by it all then. That was when I realised one need not have to blog like a runaway train...or run around like a headless chicken!  

Now we are into 2012 and we have reached April - yet a whole new year is still right ahead of us. Strangely, I'm getting that same old feeling again that I'm running out of steam as far as blogging is concerned, unlike some of those professional bloggers or so-called A-list bloggers. For those who have been blogging long enough you'll know who I'm talking about.   

I've slacken a bit in the last few months because my interest has been diverted elsewhere. I still care about this blog which, I think, has matured to a certain extent after six years with web traffic driving itself. I believe this blog has a pagerank of 2.  I'm happy for that but at times I feel like a letdown to those who look forward to my next post but find nothing new when they drop by to this site. 

Take it from me that I'll be slowing down my pace with new post. I'll write when something is worth posting but not otherwise.  

The blogosphere has come a long, long way. I read somewhere there are more than 1.5 billion bloggers (maybe, more by now) and that says a lot about people who want to get online either to impart information and knowledge, to communicate or just to flaunt themselves. 

Hey, didn't they tell you that blogging is as easy as eating apple pie and it's fun? Well, that depends on how you want to go about it. The truth is it takes passion, determination and true grit to really achieve some kind of notoriety as a blogger.  

We know bloggers come in all sizes, shapes and temperament. Some blog for fun, others for moolah.  But once you take the plunge, you'll soon realize that keeping a blog updated on a regular basis is different from having breakfast, lunch and dinner as a day-to-day routine. 

So, have you got what it takes to put your nose to the blogging grindstone? 

No doubt, the blogging terrain is full of potholes but if you know your way around, you might end up feeling like a blogging prima donna with your head in the clouds.  

But let's not forget those bloggers who, after the initial flourish of posts, would be going through a period of inertia. Sooner or later, this dysfunctional characteristic will creep into you and you'll be going through a period of non-productive angst. It happens to most of us.  

Blogging burnt-out has taken its toll on a great number of bloggers. But then, there are others who seem to be able to churn out post after post like they are coming out of a factory line. Are you one of them, or do you think it's crazy?   

Blogging is mental and addictive. It can be an obsession.  A full-time job. A business venture. A vehicle to rant and rave. A media for socializing. A playground. And what have you.  

And which category do you belong?  
--  Markk 


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