How To Add That Extra Bite To Your Blog Post

Many bloggers fail to write for their audience. That's right. If you have a knack for writing posts that resonate with your readers, then you are well ahead of those who need to brush up on their writing.

One of the main problems facing writers is a lack of focus in the thought process. You should stay true to your topic. From the introduction to the last paragraph of your article, there must be a logical flow of your subject.

It is understandable that at the beginning you may struggle with your writing. Don't worry, as one famous author advises, keep on writing and take note of well-written posts or articles by other writers. There's always something to learn from another good writer/blogger.

Writing blog posts or articles is all about communication. You got to get the message across. Your style should have the 'wow factor' to keep your readers glued to your article. Scattered thoughts and poor grammar with bad inflection and syntax are like potholes and you have to avoid stumbling into them.

Know the 'art' of keeping your paragraph short so it's easy on the eye. Thick paragraphs can be a pain on the reader's eye. Have you ever seen thick paragraphs in newspaper articles?  Traditionally, most newspapers tend to keep paragraphing short and sweet to allow an 'easy read'.  It is all about understanding typography usage, form and function, and the ocular law.

A blog post is not a thesis or a working paper. Most bloggers post to provide information and tips. Sometimes bloggers may rant about some issues. Emotive posts have a tendency to be more informal and a bit colorful in the language used. But that's all right if they are constructive rant and entertaining in their own ways!

If you can stand the heat of controversy, then be controversial. Handing out a piece of your mind will, more often than not, invite response from readers. But remember to be constructive and rational when you argue your case.

Opinionated blogging is what captures people's attention. It adds that extra bite to your writing. People are usually bored by pleasant platitudes. Most will respond better to an honest airing of views. 'Slam dunk' blogging can be exciting at times!

I always subscribe to the idea that it's a good blogger who can be creative, be witty and be a conversationalist. To avoid sounding uptight and unnatural, you have to develop a conversational style like the way you speak. Corporate-speak is not for bloggers. Convoluted writing is like a cancerous growth.

Having a sense of humor in your writing also helps, it makes the reader enjoy what you write. Show them that you can laugh at yourself. Yes, it's good to maintain an easy-going, punchy style. There is nothing more rewarding than having the ability to build a loyal readership with unique content on your blog. Make your writing tell.

Here's something to chew on. You might reach a critical period in your blogging when you need to avoid a burnout or what is better known as a writer's block. Most bloggers face a mental brickwall at one time or another. My advice is for you to pace yourself, stick to a publishing schedule that is humanly possible and you will get by with renewed energy to keep on chugging.

Your blogging experience will be better served by adopting this attitude. Well, that's my two cents. Enjoy your blogging! - Markk

ImageCredit: margolove