How to Keep Your Blog Alive & Kicking

Faced with information overload, how do you keep pace as a blogger? 

Some of you may have that boundless energy to keep pushing the envelope, but others may not have that kind of determination and passion to keep going without stopping to take a breather.

Of course, there are those who regard blogging as a full-time "profession" or be better known as a "pro blogger" - that is someone who does not have a regular job or who has quit his or her day job and now strictly makes money online.

You have to sweat for it in the initial stage. You have to nurture your blog to maturity, build links to gain more traffic, write content that will draw in the readers, and keep up with the latest news and developments on the Web.

The blogging landscape is not a static entity. It's vibrant and continuously evolving. Keeping up with the Joneses is like a daily chore, or perhaps, a pain in the you-know-where.

Blogging in general is not a walk in the park. It's daunting, exciting and addictive at the same time. It's like a jungle out there if you don't bring yourself up to speed as a savvy blogger with a real grasp of the way the blogosphere works.

Why do people keep writing posts on their blogs almost daily? Well, it's the belief that a blog has got to be fed with content to keep it alive. If it's starved of new content for a long period, it'll start to wilt like a plant without water. And traffic juice will slowly dry up.  This is generally true.

Will you become a successful blogger?

So much has been written about how to become a successful blogger that it boggles the mind (mine included). How is that? There are so many different views as to what the term "successful blogger" means.

Let me pose this question: How do we define "successful blogging"? The hard truth is that blogging "success" can be measured in many different ways - It means different things to different people.

Look at it this way: 

1. It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you finish that counts. No matter what field of endeavour, if you feel positively about success and you have attained something worthwhile, then you can say you have achieved a degree of success.

2. It's very easy NOT to achieve success. Your thoughts are you, and if you keep having negative and self-defeating thoughts, then the less successful you'll be.

So is there a connection between these thoughts and blogging?

You bet there is.

If your blogging objective is to be successful as a blogger and not just as something intrinsic like an online money spinner or wannabe, you should strive to make yourself unique. And not just be another commonly available "commodity" on the Net. Hope you catch the drift here.

There's no doubt that each person who starts a blog has a dream, and I won't be far wrong to say that this "dream" is usually geared towards making moolah online. Well, it could be a few hundred bucks a month for a start, a few thousands for some, or a zillion a month for the high-flyer!

I have such a dream, too. There's a saying..."if you don't have a dream of your own you'll work all your life to fulfil someone else's dream."

Blogging is a frontier where a lot of dreams can be achieved. Blogging for moolah is not just a hobby. It may start as a passion and end up as an online empire for some.

My line of thinking  is that if you can do or create something that generates  attention and word of mouth, you can build traffic to your blog. That's what most of the top bloggers do.

With their established audience, they just keep on writing good content and that's enough to keep things moving forward. Or should we say, moving in your direction.

Yep, if you continue to put out great articles, your traffic will grow. Maybe not as fast as some but it could be much faster than the average blogger.

Of course, if you're less established, you could also focus on building traffic and links. But above all, don't ever neglect putting out  the good stuff on your blog.

Who knows, if you work hard  enough, Google may bless you with a PageRank. Who wouldn't give an arm or a leg to have a good PageRank? -- Markk