Bots Cook and Serve Food at Robo-Restaurant in China

Wow! Have you ever thought of going to a robo-restaurant for a nice hearty dinner? Well, If you're looking for an out-of-this-world dining experience, head to China. Robots are now running a restaurant there. The bots take orders, cook and even entertain.

Just can't resist running this video on  this blog. We are moving nicely into the New Year and  I've decided to add some spice to TheNextPost with some quirky video zeeranow  and then just to take the drag out of the usual SEO,  Internet marketing, How-to on  blogging write-ups.

Oh yeah, why not herald 2013 by enlivening my site with some new content ideas to change the pace of  this blog. So, enjoy.

> Credit:  AlJazeera Video

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