Cut the Crap, Write Quality Content

After you have spent a couple of years blogging and after you have visited hundreds of blogs, you probably come to this awakening...  Maybe that you don't have what it takes to be a successful blogger.

So what must you do to measure up at the same level or even better than those bloggers  who are assumed to be doing well as 'successful' bloggers?

But first, what defines a successful blogger?  Is it someone who's making a bundle of moolah online? Or someone who provides compelling content on his or her blog that attracts a beeline of traffic that never seems to stop?

And for sure if your blog rocks, advertisers will be falling over each other to get their ads onto your site.

The hard truth is that not everyone is cut out to be a 'genius' when it comes to blogging. Most of us are just average type of bloggers who think of it as a kind of hobby with interest that may fall into categories such as entertainment, politics, sports, writing, fashion and what have you.

If you have come this far in blogging and realized you have taken the wrong path, you can always backtrack and go home to do something more rewarding than looking at the computer screen days on end.

Or you can re-orientate your mindset, push the envelope and take on a new persona - give your blog a new lease of life.

By now, you'll know that TIMIDITY does not bring you good dividend. Nobody gets to know you as a blogger because you don't rock and roll with the "jet set".

Sometimes you need to fa*t and stick up your middle finger to create waves. Blow your own horn.

You got to exude a magnetic personality, like a flamboyant and charismatic politician who can sway the crowd with a performance of great elan and sophistication.

Some of the advices that came my way is NOT to be afraid to create and state your opinions. Timidity is an easy path to anonymity. Be bold. Be gung-ho but not to the point of being silly, a nuisance and a threat to mankind.

If your idea of blogging is to reach out to the world, you can't be writing for the consumption of your relatives, neighbours...and your dog and cat. The audience is out there in the World Wide Web.

You got to widen your reach as much as possible, especially in social networks and discover new blogs, not those hackneyed types that never learned to stop their BS posts. There's plenty to be learned where you have never ventured before.

Whoa! All this sounds well and good...up to this point. The truth: Promoting your blog takes more than doing all that's mentioned earlier on.

Every blog needs a readership. But there's no quick-fix or magic formula that will transform your blog into a hotbed of readers overnight unless you're Psy of Gangnum Style fame.

However, here's a simple step you can take to build traffic (quality traffic - not the here today, gone tomorrow kind): Write posts that people will want to read. Simple as that.

Just don't write rubbish.

 -  Markk


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