Wind of Change Across the Internet

Wind of Change  In between blogging tasks, I try to keep up to date with what's brewing and who's cooking up a storm on the World Wide Web. In other words, sniffing the air and watching out for the wind of change in blogging and other online trends.

I don't know, but from the vibes and bytes that are floating around, a great number of bloggers seem to be going ga- ga about linking up to each other. It was like that six or seven years ago and I think not much has changed here today. It's still the same old, same old. But other aspects of SEO have changed.

Thanks to Google with its page rank ramification, bloggers are falling over each other trying to gain good ranking in the SERPs and hoping the Google web crawlers would come and index their sites.

What it boils down to is that moolah is, by and large, the main motivator behind this craze to ride high on the SERPs. High ranking means more traffic to your site and some other 'goodies" as well.

Obviously, the quest for link love is the natural thing to do if you want to see your blog rise. And, I think, it's not a taboo thing to do if you do it in the right manner.

But we have to be conscious of the fact that there are likely many blogs that don't get read very much. Lack of traffic is one thing. The other factor is the content on the blog and it goes without saying that the content should have quality and be compelling enough to draw the visitor in.

Now, a recent article on SiteProNews has it that Google has performed some major overhauls to the way it ranks the websites it has indexed by its web crawlers.

According to the article, these overhauls will be ongoing and will continue to develop further in 2013. It said Google wanted to create a web popularity landscape that depends not just on classical SEO tactics but also numerous other factors involving social media, website design and friendliness to the latest browsing systems such as mobile web viewing.

Remember when Big Goog went to war against black hat SEO in 2011 and last year? Goog's storm troopers took out link farming, content stuffing, keyword stuffing and other "nefarious" optimization tactics that don't actually reflect site popularity.

Matthew Ellis who wrote the article is of the opinion that "Google is steadily working its way towards creating a more humanized ranking index... and the end result is expected to be a more "real time" search results profile for queries and increasing amount of weight given to data from Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms".

Ellis wrote: "This almost certain 2013 trend is great news for a lot of content weary bloggers and site owners. Instead of giving heavy emphasis to massively content stuffed websites, Google and other search engines will continue to focus more on ensuring that their best ranked content is judged more by its quality, relevancy and freshness."

You can say things are evolving at a rapid pace today. If it hasn't hit you yet, now is the time to start noticing the wind of change that's blowing in from way yonder. What can you see beyond the horizon? - Markk

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Bots Cook and Serve Food at Robo-Restaurant in China

Wow! Have you ever thought of going to a robo-restaurant for a nice hearty dinner? Well, If you're looking for an out-of-this-world dining experience, head to China. Robots are now running a restaurant there. The bots take orders, cook and even entertain.

Just can't resist running this video on  this blog. We are moving nicely into the New Year and  I've decided to add some spice to TheNextPost with some quirky video zeeranow  and then just to take the drag out of the usual SEO,  Internet marketing, How-to on  blogging write-ups.

Oh yeah, why not herald 2013 by enlivening my site with some new content ideas to change the pace of  this blog. So, enjoy.

> Credit:  AlJazeera Video