Is Your Blog Worth Reading Or Going To The Dogs?

Is blogging a dog's life?  You may wonder why very few people pop over to read your blog. One major mistake, especially for those who are just starting out with a new blog is that they fail to write for their audience.

Hey, why don't I get visitors to my blog? You wonder. Well, for a start you need to write compelling blog posts. Your blog post should resonate with readers. Think of a mouth-watering dish that's so delicious it will make a person want to ask for more.

Yes, a compelling blog post is the key to convince a visitor that there's something worth reading on your blog. That might convince the visitor to want to return and read more of your future postings.

There are so many blogs out there that are crying for visitors but the owners of those blogs do not realize that their scattered thoughts and bad prose are just prompting people to run for the hills instead.

If you want them to read and appreciate your writing, you have to start thinking like a marketer or a copywriter. You have to be able to write without stumbling on your tenses. Be focused, be creative, be witty and be a conversationalist.

Writing articles or blog posts is all about communication. In my humble opinion, effective communication is the key to unlock the craving of your reader.

Unless your blog is only for your family, your business colleagues, or your dog and cat, you're probably writing with the hope that someone will read about your thoughts. You can bet not many people are on the same wavelength. So you need to write something that will capture their interest. . .and imagination.

Well, you can write about the birds and the bees and everything else under the sun or the moon, but all the subject matters have to be compelling with the 'wow' factor in them to keep the reader glued to your article.

So if you want your blog to flourish, you have to write about something that people will find it worth reading and could benefit them in profound ways. And yes, you can make them laugh or smile, or make them cry.

I repeat. Build a loyal readership with unique content that resonates with your readers. Write compelling articles or posts that provide useful information and tips. Something that will benefit the reader in some way. That's the way to keep them coming back to your blog.

I have touched on this topic before and this article is an update for those who have not read it. Yes, sometimes you can update a post you wrote a few years back and 'take it back to the future'!

Some people say blogging can be hard work.  Well, if you want to find a place in the blogging sun, you have to slog more than you blog ... sometimes.  - Markk

Photo credit: Meagan