Are We All Chasing The Same Dream To Earn Money Online?

Dangling Carrots Online  Superlatives abound in the competitive world of Internet marketing. If you have ever seen some of the email promotions and those splash and landing pages calling on you to 'take action' on their 'incredible money-making' products, you'll be amazed at the audacity in their style of copywriting. It's a "c'mon, get it before it's too late" kind of hard sell if you know what I mean.

In fact, these products do make money for the Internet marketers or marketing gurus, if that sounds better. Yes, they earn the money you cough up because you, too, want to make money using their products. Mind you, there'll be a lot of stragglers who had bought their products and trying to catch up but more likely, there will be more dropouts than stayers.

This post is about the style and approach these so-called gurus used to dangle their carrots in the hope of making a sale. This kind of sales pitch has hardly seen any change since the Internet became the superhighway of online business wayback when. Probably, when you see one, you see all!

Every new product, you are made to believe, is a 'must-have' item that could turn you into a 'millionaire' or, at least, make you tons of moolah.

Have a go at this promotional lines: "This is the HOTTEST moneymaker I have ever seen!...No recruiting - no sponsoring - you just get paid..." And usually they end with a call for action: "Just get in line and get your money! This is what you have been waiting for...The door will slam shut in xx hours!"

Just to whet your appetite, they throw in testimonials by so-called users of their products, giving high praises and how they had started to make moolah in no time as they experienced a "great rush of traffic" to their sites. The IMers are just announcing the launch of a new product, limiting it to the "first 100" people who pay up and yet, they already have a long list of users recommending that product on their splash or landing pages.  How dumb can we be?

Is there a 'sucker DNA' in most of us?  When I started out roaming the Internet back in the late 90s, I had my fair share of buying ebooks to learn new skills as a web user. Gladly but a bit costly, those days are over for me but you can bet that many newbies will pick up one ebook or some before reality checks in.

Needless to say, it was exciting then and we tend to swallow every 'pearl of wisdom' that came our way. When blogging took roots sometime in early 2000, more of the same permeates the Blogosphere as blogging attracted millions to jump on the bandwagon.

No doubt, the exponential growth of bloggers over the years make it a lucrative online business for the IMers. For every 1,000 web users, there must be one sucker - and that adds up to a huge number considering the size of the Internet. One thing I must say about the IMers - they are very prolific in their marketing, be it via email, splash/landing pages and other gimmicks that pop at you in the face!

Now, don't get me wrong. Every IMer has every right to do what he or she thinks is the 'best strategy' to make money online. It's a cut-throat world out there and you must have the panache and sales skills to promote your products. The onus is on each one of us to have good judgment and some Net savvy to understand which product on offer is the genuine article or a dud.

The hard truth is that every Internet marketer is chasing the same people on the Internet superhighway.

And the same people are chasing the same dream...to make money online, whether it's Internet or affiliate marketing, selling courses, software, ebooks, ghostwriting, copywriting, SEO consulting and so on.

Now I wonder: Can a marketing strategy and technique be more original than what are being churned out by Internet marketers as they try to push their products? In a way, many of us are just getting bored with the 'superlative' style of these IMers. Who are they trying to kid? Can every new product be a 'killer'? Every other month, there's a new one. You must be a noob to think so!

Will the IMers ever learn that they have stretched themselves thin by singing the same old tune after all these years? They have to invent a better mousetrap. Look at emails - you can almost call these promo emails as spam rather than sales pitch. It's not surprising that many people delete or unsubscribe them.

However, credit must be given when it comes to great copywriting in some of these email promos. But once you catch the drift, the repetitive tone, as each email comes into your inbox, can become stale. So are all those splash and landing page promos. Unless you have never seen them before. Oh boy, I could go on and on, but I hope I have made my point.

Blessed are those people who blog in a world of their own - in a personalized way and interacting with friends and relatives, not worrying about how to put money on the table at the end of the day. - Markk

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