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Who & What We Are has a wide international audience of English readers mainly from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the Caribbean and some other countries such as Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Rumania, France, Netherlands, Russia  and China providing a substantial readership traffic. Visitors are mainly organic search engine traffic.

Launched in February 2007 as a personal weblog the site has started generating aggregated earnings into four figures with affiliate programs, sponsored ads, pay-per-click ads and income from reviews.

The potential is there for to grow if it continues with its momentum. Its innovative layout and design is uniquely different from the run-of-the-mill sites and is structured for easy reading and navigation. It is also pleasing to the eye, creating effective visual communication. Post contents are written in easy-to-understand English. does NOT carry adult content and is work safe.

Why advertise on TheNextPost? is a site for online entrepreneurs and bloggers in general who are looking for well-written, insightful and informative posts in English on various topics about the Internet and the Web marketplace. It is consumer-oriented. Posts may include views and reviews of products and services that address online entrepreneurs and Internet marketers as well as for newbies.

This site has a loyal readership - matured and well-informed. By and large, the contents in are centered around quality writing with no fluffs about personal whim and fancy. You won't read what I had for dinner, how I lost 10lbs in one week, or why my neighbor's dog barks every night here.

What Ad Ratings are allowed on

Only child safe ads are allowed on this site.

Requirements / Restrictions

This site accepts most general ads - urban culture, publications, shopping, travel, education, technology, entertainment, web 2.0 business, electronic gadgets, computer products, etc., but it will not accept ads from adult sites, illegal sites, and gambling sites.

Available advertising on

Square button - 125x125: USD40 / 30 days

An image of 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high. Ads will appear on the right sidebar usually on the top fold of the page. Discounts are also offered for advertising beyond 30 days e.g. 60 days or more. Only 4 spots are allocated for the 125x125 ads. Animation not allowed -  no flash or javascript.

Text Link Ads (Direct)

Your direct text links (no middleman) will appear under "Marketplace" on the right sidebar which is highly positioned on the page. Text links are located sitewide on the sidebar.

Pricing is currently set at US$60/month per link.

To secure your position, please contact Markk ( Let us know your site that will be linked to and the anchor text you'd like to display.

What about other types of ads?

Other ads of different sizes may be considered. Interested parties are advised to contact Markk ( to discuss whether the proposal is viable and will not be detrimental to this blog. Any other pertinent queries will be entertained via email. Payment is accepted via PayPal only.

Ads are shown sitewide.